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Welcome to Iberia homeland to all Gaitas*

Although Portugal has huge bagpipe traditions, only the Galician Gaita became well known in Europe. What people call Gaita, is actually an array of traditional bagpipes, very popular outside the Galicia province, across the border in Minho, in the uplands of Miranda and all through out the Portuguese Atlantic coast. The Northwestern Iberian Gaitas will give you a beautiful variety of looks and sounds to choose from.

* Gaitas is the common name used for the array of Iberian bagpipes.


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Dia da Galícia, em S. Paulo Brasil

Gostaria de falar sobre a experiência que foi tocar nas comemorações do dia de Galícia aqui em São Paulo.Comecei a ensaiar com o grupo de música folclórica galega "Lembranza e Agarimo", que existe desde 1955 e tem sede na Sociedade Hispano - Casa de Espanha em São...

An epic piping adventure

We were invited by Terry Costa and MiratecArts to once again collaborate on a cultural event on Pico Island. This time it was the awesome Montanha Pico Festival. Montanha is an off-season opportunity to enjoy the highest Portuguese point - Mount Pico, 2351m -...

GaitaMaker Musical Picnic | OUT 2017

We will be having another of our indoors picnic as an excuse for gathering pipers and others musicians! Listen to music, chat, meet new people, make friends! Come for some food and drinks, and listen to live world music played at the GaitaMaker. Theme of this evening:...

S01E01 Percussion Classes – Choosing drum sticks In this episode, Gustavo shows how to choose a pair of drum sticks to start practicing percussion for Pipes! * English subtiltes coming soon.

How to buy a Gaita

In 1997, I began a painful journey of self-teaching. Impulsively, I just entered a music store and purchase a “Gaita”. This bagpipe has never worked properly, making my learning very difficult. I was forced to buy another instrument soon after - I ordered it directly...

Custom Traverso parts

I'm very glad to have been invited by GaitaMaker friends Olavo Tengner Barros and Sofia Cosme, to this wonderful early music performance - Opera: "Il mondo della Luna" (1765 Avoldano | Goldoni), in Lisbon. Olavo and Sofia have been visiting our GaitaMakerWorkshop...

Brand New Partners!

When you work with exciting subjects like Art, traditions  and culture, people rally behind you. It’s amazing to realize that more and more people every day want to help the GaitaMaker cause. The idea for GaitaMaker has been developing and growing for the past 5...

GaitaMaker at Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2017

We were at Lorient this year, and tell you all about it!

11th “Palheta Bendita” 2017

Classical and Trad Music joining hands

I'm very happy to announce that I have been invited by the Lisbon Metropolitana Conservatory of music, to give a workshop on Trad. music, and non formal learning. This is obviously the result of a 20 year long personal journey, but arrives also with the support of the...

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