I went to Lisbon, and made sure not to miss the latest edition of “Terreiro Gaiteiro” – the meeting project, that the Portuguese bagpipe association has been promoting for almost 8 years!!!

It’s sort of a session, schedule monthly, for musicians, pipe & drum students.

People get together, and tutors push students from day one to perform  live.

At heart this is one of the ideas of world music school Helsinki. As we keep claiming, World Music School is not reinventing the wheel. We are just giving (more) voice to the local initiatives. AND here IS one! And they have been doing it for 8 years! (Celebration is Saturday, March the 4th)

I played a little bit, I laugh, shared a drink, and enjoyed myself. I was welcomed by Jaime Correia, Gustavo Portela and Chairwomen Ana Pereira… and of course by the students.

I presented to Ana more in depth WMSchool and the GaitaMaker project. We agreed that in Portugal there are wonderful non profit projects such as ours, but it seem that people still insist in walking parallel paths.  We all agree that it is time to join efforts and are both convinced that IT IS about to happen! In 2017 it is easier than ever before to understand that together everyone wins!

Therefore we are all excited about 2017 and the following years, of bagpipe and trad folk music in Portugal.

With such wonderful people it gets easy to work together!


Know more about Associação Gaita de Foles – Portuguese Gaita Bagpipe Association