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GaitaMakerWorkshop© is the musical instrument construction project of GaitaMaker®

A dream of making bagpipes became a life long project and touched more people than expected

This atelier – founded by Gonçalo Cruz, back in 2010 – is now at the service of GaitaMaker non profit.
It works as a laboratory for the music organology research projects that our association supports, such as “The Gaita Research” and “The Traverso Research”.Apart from the scientific research on ancient instruments, that gives us precise data on how to produce traditional Gaitas, this fully equipped bagpipe making workshop is also devoted to product design, research and development of the Iberian bagpipes for the XXI century.With this mindset, we are able to address:

Social and cultural issues
Teaching Gaita to young people by developing and producing an affordable bagpipe model for the beginner piper.

Early music and traditional pipers
by offering historically informed replicas

Professional musicians
by offering high end instrument with all our design innovations.

What people say about our workshop

For over 10 years I have the pleasure of sharing both stage and travel adventures with my friend – Piper and “perfectionist Gaita maker” – Gonçalo.

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Daniel Pereira

Musician, Portugal (Braga)

When purchasing an instrument, one hardly has a close relationship with the manufacturer. Often the communication is over by the time of payment/ delivery.

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Sandro Henrique Bueno

Musician, Brasil (São Paulo)

I chose one of Cruz’s bagpipes because I have identified with the work ethics that Gonçalo Cruz puts into all his instruments.

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Raoni Paes

Musician, Brasil (Curitiba)

Gonçalo Cruz is a creative presence, always keen on marveling anyone at the world of bagpipes .

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Ruben Couto

Gaita student (Gaia, Portugal)