Nuno Silva is one of those musicians that really inspire me. He plays beautifully the Oud and the Persian Santur (hammered Dulcimer) – and – he is not too shabby on the frame drums, let me tell you!

For me personally it is a joy to hear him.

I saw him for the first time about two years ago, playing live along side Ricardo Noronha (percussionist) in his project “Aldebaran”. And what a gig that was, in the most unexpected setting – A cool tent, in a down-town bar at Porto – Portugal.

I ended up meeting Nuno on other professional occasions, as fate had us playing in the same events and venues. We end up talking loosely about music, and music productions.

A few months ago, I invited him to play his duet named “Zambra del Moro” as a guest at the launch of the World Music School Porto. The duet plays flamenco for Spanish guitar (Ferrer Leandro) and Oud (Nuno Silva), but they also seemed perfectly comfortable playing other styles in the jam session later on that evening.

These two concerts and our talks were enough to make me realise that – as an artist – this guy is on to something. And I was right!

Nuno’s compositions are rich and complex. He refuses to just play “easy listening”, “mainstream”, “radio happy” music. He will not write simple – “Lyrics” – “Corus” – “Lyrics” – “Bridge” – “Corus” – “The end” – music. He creates a narrative, and takes the listener by the hand, flying over several music landscapes. The temperament and tuning of his music instruments is thick, and not for the culturally faint of heart. However when everything is said and done you end up with powerful, high quality music in your living room or your car stereo, for everyone in the family to enjoy… and that… is no easy feat.

How do I know all of this?

Well, if you google Nuno, you will not find all that I told you – Perhaps a few bits and pieces, hints of his full potential.

However I’m honour to have been trusted with a preview of his solo work, and although I cannot at this stage tell you more about it, I can definitely tell you it’s AWESOME! Stay tuned, and when it’s out, make sure to buy it!