GaitaTutor© is the teaching project of GaitaMaker®

When your passion is Knowledge the more you learn the more you give back

Joining hands with our friend and partner institutions, we aim to pass along everything we learn.

Here you will find all about our regular activities.

For other events like Workshops, Seminars, “get together”, “RoundTables”, Book & scientific paper releases and much much more, please check out GaitaMakerTV

Music Classes


Weekly Classes

Classes of weekly frequency and monthly payment

Pre-paid Classes

10 pre-paid classes scheduled one by one


Group rehearsals for pipers and drummers. Free!


Classes via Skype or Facetime

Online Classes

Classes via Skype

The student can easily and conveniently schedule lessons one by one

Learn from the comfort of your home

  • Intended for anyone – with or without former music training
  • Each class has a specific pedagogical purpose.
  • Individually paid classes