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A media outlet to promote and develop the Iberian Gaita piping cause.

GaitaMaker Musical Picnic | OUT 2017

We will be having another of our indoors picnic as an excuse for gathering pipers and others musicians! Listen to music, chat, meet new people, make friends! Come for some food and drinks, and listen to live world music played at the GaitaMaker. Theme of this evening:...

Custom Traverso parts

I'm very glad to have been invited by GaitaMaker friends Olavo Tengner Barros and Sofia Cosme, to this wonderful early music performance - Opera: "Il mondo della Luna" (1765 Avoldano | Goldoni), in Lisbon. Olavo and Sofia have been visiting our GaitaMakerWorkshop...

Classical and Trad Music joining hands

I'm very happy to announce that I have been invited by the Lisbon Metropolitana Conservatory of music, to give a workshop on Trad. music, and non formal learning. This is obviously the result of a 20 year long personal journey, but arrives also with the support of the...


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