I’m very happy to announce that I have been invited by the Lisbon Metropolitana Conservatory of music, to give a workshop on Trad. music, and non formal learning.
This is obviously the result of a 20 year long personal journey, but arrives also with the support of the GaitaMaker and WorldMusicSchool non profit initiatives.

It’s wonderful to see that the Erudite and Popular worlds, more and more understand that music is not whole until we come together, until we bridge the gap and really see the full picture.

I fully intend to cross this invisible bridge on the 1st of April (fools day no less!!!!). I’m sure I’m going to be met half way, by the wonderful students of several ages and by the teacher’s body.

We are going to be practising the classical instruments in a very intuitive and free way. You are all invited!!


Some of the session Goals are:

General objectives

• Social, human and artistic development

• Promotion of traditional music

• Promotion of bagpipes and wind instruments

• Improving awareness to the universe and inner workings of Trad. Folk and World Music

• Overcoming the inertia and isolation of musical universes – Scholar vs. Traditional

• Open a dynamic space of communication and artistic creation that attracts the contributions of classical Musicians to the world of oral transmission music, and vice versa.


Specific objectives

• Develop a space of artistic creation without pressure or preconceptions

• Facilitate the relationship between the universes of classical music and traditional music

• Provide tools that allow erudite musicians to understand the language and discourse of the oral tradition.

• Teach strategies to “play by ear”

• Teach strategies to improvise

• Demonstrate the aesthetic potential of Traditional Music (research, fieldwork, Traditional players “Tocadores”, field recording media)

• Demonstrate the professional opportunities of the Folk universe (music festivals, World Music, Jazz, international competitions, live music for dancing, Bands, record labels / genres)