GaitaMaker is a non profit platform, Researching, Promoting, Teaching & Making Bagpipes

A dream of making bagpipes became a life long project and touched more people than expected

GaitaMaker is

GaitaMaker is a non profit platform, Researching, Promoting, Teaching & Making Bagpipes.

We wish to answer the bagpipe playing needs of the professional touring musician and the student piper.

Our main focus is to develop seamless design solutions for traditional bagpipes, that may translate in affordable high quality musical instruments.

We are also involved in supporting scientific research and promoting innovative teaching methods and materials


The Beginnings

Gonçalo Cruz was born in Oporto, in the northern Portuguese coast in 1979.

Developing as a self-taught musician, he spent the last 20 years, studying the “Gaita de fole” - the Portuguese and Spanish bagpipe models. The meeting of Mr. Jürgen Ross (historical bagpipe maker) at a local festival in Germany 2003, led to a close friendship. Over the years, Gonçalo had found a mentor, that pushed him to creating his own workshop, in 2010, devoted to the making and selling of european bagpipes.

Given his background as a designer, Gonçalo soon became obsessed in solving the shortcomings he detected in the instruments, both as a professional piper and teacher.

Soon the workshop was visited by fellow researchers, students and musicians keen on discussing tradition, science and custom musical instruments that suited their needs. This engaging cultural environment also attracted non pipers, music lovers, scholars, designers and engineers, artists and craftsman, institutions and private business, media outlets…

It was clear by now that GaitaMaker extended must further than the limits of the bagpipe making atelier, and touched people beyond the small piper community...   It was a cause.

GaitaMaker non profit had been born.

The GaitaMaker Team

Gonçalo Cruz

Gonçalo Cruz


Gonçalo was born in Oporto – Portugal.
He has been a Researcher, Musician, Tutor & Maker of “Iberian Gaita” Bagpipes for the past 20 years.
He is a music composer and guest musician on live and recorded performances, founder of non-profit Portuguese Trad. music organizations such as “arrefole”.
Gonçalo is a board member & advisor for the international ”World Music School (Helsinki)” as well as the manager for the local World Music School Porto.
Earned a M.A. in Architecture and a tutor’s pedagogical aptitude certificate.
Gustavo Lobão

Gustavo Lobão


Gustavo was born in Santos, S. Paulo – Brasil.
He has been a musician and tutor of percussion for bagpipes, especially iberian and scottish snare drums and the bodhrán, for more than 10 years.
Founding member of “Oran” and “Nau Vera Cruz”, irish and portuguese music groups respectively, he also played on a scottish pipe band and a breton bagad.
Graduated in Popular Music – percussion.
Tadeu Freitas

Tadeu Freitas

Digital Media

Tadeu is a researcher at CRACS – InescTec Oporto, in the field of computer science. He has a passion for tin whistles and recorders as often used in folk music.
He has always been involved in pro-bono work for his local community – Now he is keen in using his academic skills at the service of the trad music world.
Tadeu holds a M.Sc. in computer science
Currently lives in Guimarães
Dante Marinho

Dante Marinho


Dante Marinho was born in Bahia – Brasil.
He is musician and tap dance teacher.
He is a freelance Webmaster & webdesigner, interested in internet and digital marketing.
Dante his currently studding for a degree in Information Technologies.
Lives in Aveiro – Portugal

The Research Project Advisors

Sofia Cosme

Sofia Cosme

Research advisor

Sofia was born in Lisbon – Portugal.
She is a flute player, researcher and tutor of both the modern concert flute and the Baroque Traverso.
She has lived in Malaysia, playing for the National symphony orchestra. Currently Sofia teaches at the Lisbon Metropolitana Conservatory of Music and performs regularly at the Gulbenkian Orchestra.

She holds degrees from the Portuguese National Conservatory of Music and from the Lisbon Superior school of Music; M.A. in Concert Flute – National Superior Academy of Orchestra | M.A. in “Baroque Traverso”, early Music – Porto Superior School of Music and Performing Arts.

Olavo Tengner Barros

Olavo Tengner Barros

Research advisor

Olavo was born in Coimbra in 1957.
He is a flutist, tutor of both the concert flute and the Baroque Traverso.
Currently he teaches Concert flute – Conservatório de Música do Porto, Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa | Traverso – Early Music Masters degree at the Porto Superior School of Music and Performing Arts.
He collaborated with dozens of orchestras and groups of different genres.

Studied Flute under Abbie de Quant | Traverso – Marten Root at the Conservatory of Utrecht | Contemporary music interpretation – Pierre-Yves Artaud | Baroque music – David Reichenberg, Phillipe Suzanne, Wilbert Hazelzet and Marc Hantai.
He holds a degree from the Superior Academy of arts Constantijn Huygens em Zwolle Holland, under Jorge Caryevschi.